We provide properly designed and developed certified Passive House building within budget. RMPH also provides detailed energy modeling for Passive House retrofits to provide information on thermal bridging, insulation values, HVAC sizing and window performance specifications. We currently represent the only structural engineer that is Passive House certified in the US.

We can also model non-PH projects with the Passive Houses Planning Package software to help achieve the most accurate energy calculations available. This helps inform the most effectual and cost conscious way to develop energy efficient measures. We can accurately calculate heating and cooling loads so the HVAC equipment is properly sized and optimized for the project. Our energy modeling services also help clients plan the most effective way to spend capital on insulation and windows, creating a balanced and effective envelope.

+ Passive House Consulting

+ Design And Charrette

+ PHPP Energy Modeling

+ ERV/HRV design

+ WUFI and Therm Analysis

Firewise construction

+ Net Zero Energy Design

+ Deep Energy Retrofit Design

+ Structural Engineering

+ Construction Management

+ Envelope Specifications

+ Materials Specifications

+ Training

+ Project Development

+ Quality Control

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