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The heartache of losing a home to the extraordinary High Park Fire is slowly being replaced with anticipation of rebuilding and renewing. Replacing a home is complex and takes a lot of energy and patience.

Perhaps the best thing to come from this fire is a community prepared for the future, and the future is through good design and building. RMPH founders Andrew Michler and Mark Benjamin have taken the FireWise Home Ignition Zone training and have each lived in the Urban Wildland interface for more than fifteen years. The ability for a home to survive a wildfire is both about good land management and small details in the building envelope and surroundings. Building with the Home Ignition Zone in mind is about achieving the house you want with the security and performance properly balanced with great respect to the land the home is developed on. Many details work together to make a fire safe house that needs to be coordinated and assessed based on individual threats posed on each building site.

Homes can and should survive even intense fire if properly designed. The details of Passive House compliment FireWise construction very well with the affinity between energy efficient envelopes and fire hardened design building in the woods providing piece of mind.

Resources for High Park Fire survivor can be found at the NoCo Rebuilding Network.

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One single pane of glass from total loss.